At Living Electronics we provide design and build capability for early prototype electronics, projects, installations and remote (iot) sensor measurement. If you feel we could help you with your project please feel free to contact us.

We specialise in:

  • Early prototype design and low volume build for electronic projects and microprocessor based control systems,
  • Bespoke or standard rental remote measurement hardware,
  • LoRaWan network mapping services,
  • Light and sound electronics for art and educational displays,
  • Hardware control solutions.

LoRaWAN Mapping Services

We have become experts in using LoRaWAN mapping tools to provide feedback to organisations deploying gateways. Understanding the signal range and strength of a network is critical to a successful rebust deployment. We use equipment and a methodology that replicates what users can expert at normal settings and conditions while using good quality nodes. This maximises your displayed coverage while also providing realistic expectations.

(Image is from mapping activity undertaken for Norfolk County Council)



If you feel we can be of help with your project please feel free to email us dan@livingelectronics.co.uk